3D High Resolution MRI of the Knee at 3T Using a Moderately T2-weighted 3D-TSE-fs (syngo SPACE) sequence – Useful or Not?

3D High Resolution MRI of the Knee at 3T SPACE is a new approach to MRI of the knee at 3T. It allows high spatial resolution isotropic true 3-dimensional acquisition and subsequent reconstruction. Overall acquisition time is shorter than that of three separate 2-dimensional datasets and SNR for 1 mm reconstructions is similar to conventional 2D-TSE-fs. The identification of anatomical structures is in general equal or superior to conventional scans, with superior discrimination of relevant small ligamentous structures. A simple protocol comprising 1 mm SPACE reconstructions in all three orientations is extremely useful for clinical evaluation. The additional possibility of free 3- dimensional reconstruction depending on the specific clinical need may become useful for diagnosis in difficult cases or with complex anatomy, and in particular for presurgical planning, i.e. for traumatic ligamentous lesions or complex meniscal tears.

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