Active Multiple Sclerosis

Clinical History:
This is a 24-year-old male with left-sided weakness and numbness, headaches, and a clinical question of a recent stroke.

Active Multiple Sclerosis

MR Technique:
3.0 T scanner (Siemens Verio) using an 15-channel head coil. Image 1: sagittal T1-weighted image after adnimistration of 0.1 mmol/kg gadolinium chelate (TR/TE 440/2.5 ms, scan time 2 min 28 sec, slice thickness 4 mm); Image 2: axial T2-weighted BLADE TRA Dark fluid image (TR/TE 9000/133 ms, scan time 4 min 32 sec, slice thickness 4 mm); Image 3: axial T2-weighted turbo spin echo image using parallel imaging with a factor of 2 (TR/TE 6000/96 ms, scan time 1 min 26 sec, thickness 4 mm).

Imaging Findings:
Multiple areas of globular increased T2/FLAIR signal intensity are seen in th white matter (image 2), cerebellum (image 3) and corpus callosum (image 1, which enhances). The lesions are perpendicular to the ventricles. Many of these lesions are dark on T1 weighted images and demonstrate enhancement.