Acute cerebellar hemorrhage

Acute cerebellar hemorrhage, hypertensive. A large acute parenchymal hemorrhage is seen in the left cerebellar hemisphere, on sagittal, axial, and coronal reformatted images from a non-contrast CT exam. Note the vasogenic edema circumferential to this hematoma. Hemorrhage is also seen in the fourth ventricle on the axial image, with interstitial edema and ventricular enlargement noted on the sagittal image, due to extraventricular obstructive hydrocephalus (on the basis of the subarachnoid and ventricular hemorrhage). Hypertensive hemorrhage is most common in the putamen/external capsule, followed by the thalamus (in incidence), and then the pons and cerebellar hemisphere.

Acute cerebellar hemorrhage, hypertensive

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