Arteriovenous Malformation

Clinical History: 
This 43-year-old female presented to clinic with a severe headache and neck neck pain for the last two weeks. This was associated with intermittent mental status changes.

AV malformation (AVM).

MR Technique: 
Scans were acquired with a Siemens 3T TrioTim MR unit. Sequences obtained included (A) axial pre-contrast turbo spin echo T2-weighted (TR/TE 4000/135 ms, scantime 2:37 min:sec slice thickness 4mm) images, (B) three-dimensional time of flight MRA (TR/TE 24/3.7 ms, scantime 5:55 min:sec slice thickness 0.64mm ) images, and (C) axial post-contrast spin echo T1-weighted (TR/TE 250 /2.5 ms, Slice thickness 4 mm, scan time 1:52 min:sec) scans.

Imaging Findings:
MR examinations reveal a region of abnormal flow voids on T2-weighted images, approximately 3 cm in size, and involving the left thalamus and left third ventricle. These structures also demonstrate linear enhancement on contrast-enhanced T1-weighted images. Findings are consistent with an arteriovenous malformation. Feeding vessels of this AVM originate from branches of the posterior cerebral arteries as demonstrated on the MRA. No associated aneurysm or intracranial hemorrhage are present.