Subarachnoid hemorrhage

Acute lacunar infarction, posterior limb of the internal capsule

Cholesterol granuloma

Anaplastic astrocytoma (WHO grade III), CT and MR

Anaplastic ependymoma (WHO grade III), in an 18 month old infant

Calvarial metastasis from breast carcinoma, with hyperostosis frontalis interna

Cerebral abscess

Choroidal fissure cyst

Early subacute infarct along the lateral ventricle, in a patient with extensive chronic small vessel white matter ischemic disease

Early subacute pinpoint cortical infarct, left precentral gyrus

Schwannoma (WHO grade I)

Glioblastoma, right parietal in location

Late subacute, enhancing PCA distribution infarcts, secondary to dissection of the right vertebral artery

Juvenile angiofibroma, in a 16-year-old male

Pineal parenchymal tumor (WHO grade III)

Schwannoma at C3-4 on the left, within the neural foramen and compressing the cord

Subacute parenchymal hemorrhage

Temporal evolution of a cerebral hematoma on CT

Investigative Radiology January 2017