MAGNETOM Free.Max: from Concept to Product, a Brief History of the DryCool Magnet Development

The DryCool magnet is a highly innovative development which incorporates many new technologies and concepts. The magnet delivers the first 80 cm patient bore in the industry and is a key enabler for the ground-breaking MAGNETOM Free.Max MRI scanner. The magnet minimizes product life-cycle costs and total cost of ownership and virtually eliminates the complex superconducting magnet servicing procedures. [...]

MR imaging of the cervical spinal cord at 7T: a multiparametric portfolio

This paper reviews four recently published studies where RESOLVE was shown to be clinically effective in the diffusion-weighted imaging of sinonasal and optic pathologies. It also demonstrates the clinical value that RESOLVE brings to the detection and characterization of the diseases in these regions. [...]

Case Series: Utilization of the Pediatric 16 Coil for 1.5T and 3T Systems

In this article we share some of our experiences over the last few years with MR upgrades. [...]

Chronic osteomyelitis of the left femur

  Clinical History: An 11-year old boy with left thigh pain for 3 days   Diagnosis: Chronic osteomyelitis of the left femur   MR Technique: Imaging of the left lower extremity was performed on a 3T (Skyra) MR system. (A) Coronal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38ms), (B) sagittal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 2800/38), (C) axial T1-weighted TSE […] [...]

Multiple myeloma

  Clinical History: 56-year old woman with right leg pain for 10 months   Diagnosis: Multiple myeloma   MR Technique: Imaging of the right lower extremity was performed on a 3T MR system. (A) Coronal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38ms), (B) sagittal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38), (C) axial T1-weighted TSE, and (D) axial T2-weighted TSE with […] [...]

Pictorial Essay – Benign and Malignant Bone Tumors: Radiological Diagnosis and Imaging Features

This paper shows how the simultaneous use of multipurpose loop coils in MRI allows high-resolution musculoskeletal studies with increased contrast and specificity for assessing muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and cartilage. Dr. Ferrer presents a number of different daily patient routine examinations, including specifically evaluation of the carpal bones, the thumb metacarpals, the metacarpals, the distal inter-phalangeal joints, the elbow and ankle. [...]

Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor Imaging: An Overview

Tumor imaging can be daunting, given the high stakes involved with a missed diagnosis or mis-diagnosis resulting in unnecessary further investigations, biopsies or even surgeries. In their article Marcus Pianta, Mark Lourensz et al. (St. Vincent’s Hospital, Fitzroy, Australia) describe their routine imaging protocol targeted to bone and soft tissue lesions, describe reporting and what the referring physicians need to know. [...]

Advantages of MSK Imaging at 3 Tesla with special focus on Spine and Tumor Imaging.

The clinical advantages of upgrading to higher field strength (3T) magnets, improving coil technology, and using larger bore-sizes are proving to be significant. Through 10 case studies, it is suggested that the use of 3T open bore system with TrueForm technology can improve the diagnostic potential, as well as widen the indications, of MRI. The cases illustrate advantages of musculoskeletal imaging with a special focus on spine and tumor imaging. [...]

Nonossifying Fibroma

This 23-year-old woman presented to clinic complaining of right thigh pain over the last year, worse with weightbearing and at night. The subsequent plain film radiograph and MR examination revealed a lesion within the distal femoral metadiaphysis. Biopsy showed findings consistent with a nonossifying fibroma. [...]

Ewing Sarcoma

This 15-year-old young boy presented clinically with a complaint of slow onset of a temporal headache, with subsequently vomiting which being serious in the last several weeks. After a physical exam that revealed swelling in the region of the right temporal bone with local tenderness, the patient was referred for a MR exam and received subsequent surgical treatment. [...]

Ollier Disease

This 17-year-old girl initially presented as a toddler and has since suffered from multiple complications related to Ollier disease, particularly in regard to her left femur. Disease involvement initially also included the left hemipelvis. The patient subsequently underwent multiple procedures involving the femur for the correction of pathologic fractures and leg-length discrepancies. Her most recent surgery, one year ago, consisted of curettage and bone grafting of lesions in her left iliac wing and proximal femur. [...]

Osseous Lymphoma

This 92-year-old female presented to clinic with chronic right shoulder swelling and pain of several months duration which had become more severe in last 10 days. Her past history includes a diagnosis of lymphoma in the early 1980’s—a non-Hodgkin stage IIE variety with favorable histologic status. She underwent 4 cycles of CHOP therapy followed by radiation treatment. Lymphomatous involvement was initially found in her right salivary gland, right submandibular gland, and left inner cheek. Plain film radiographs and the illustrated MR examination of the patient’s right arm revealed an ill-defined mass involving right humeral metaphysis. [...]


This 28-year-old man presented with increasing pain and swelling in his right shoulder for more than four months. Physical exam revealed an obvious swelling, with overlying normal skin, involving the right shoulder. Because of the swelling and pain, movement of the joint was restricted. [...]

Nonsecretory Multiple Myeloma MRI Monitoring of Therapy Response

Multiple myeloma is a malignant hematologic disorder characterized by the infiltration of neoplastic plasma cells into bone marrow. Detection of medullary involvement is best accomplished with the aid of MRI. Visualization of myeloma burden at baseline and during therapy is beneficial for improved patient management and accurate prognostic evaluation. Therefore, whole-body imaging protocols are mandatory, especially for assessment of myeloma infiltration in all bone marrow cavities (medullary involvement) as well as for diagnosis of extramedullary involvement. [...]

Whole-Body MRI for Accurate Assessment of Tumor Load of Bone Metastases Originating from Breast Carcinoma

With breast carcinoma, detection of metastases and estimation of tumor load is of high relevance for patient-individualized therapy regimes. This article presents two cases that show the advantages of MRI for imaging bone metastases originating from breast cancer. In both cases, there was the high clinical suspicion of tumor recurrence with metastastic spread. The patients underwent therefore combined whole- body 18F FDG PET/CT and whole-body MRI for tumor staging with special focus on the brain, liver and bone marrow. [...]