Practical Considerations for the Evaluation of the Neuroforamina in Routine Spine Imaging at 3T. A Case Series

Pathologies of the neuroforamina are one of the most frequent indications for spine surgery. However, in standard MRI with axial and sagittal planes and relatively thick slices (>3 mm) the diagnostic information may be limited for proper evaluation of the nerve roots. Prof. Marc-André Weber et al. (University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany) share practical tips on […] [...]

Cervical cord hemangioblastoma

Cervical cord hemangioblastoma, in a patient with von Hippel Lindau syndrome. A small enhancing intramedullary lesion is noted at C4, with mild accompanying vasogenic edema. 75% of spinal cord hemangioblastomas are sporadic, 25% occur in association with von Hippel Lindau syndrome. Spinal cord hemangioblastomas most commonly occur posteriorly within the cord, as in this patient. […] [...]

Multiple sclerosis, cervical and thoracic cord lesions

An enhancing cervical cord lesion is noted on sagittal and axial images, located at the C2 level, with an additional thoracic lesion (which did not enhance) depicted on a lower axial T2-weighted section. Neither lesion respects gray-white matter boundaries, as seen on the axial T2-weighted scans, a common finding for MR lesions of the cord. […] [...]

C3 burst fracture

A 77 year-old woman seen in the emergency room, following trauma, with cervical pain but no neurologic deficit. [...]

T1-weighted Phase Sensitive Inversion Recovery for Imaging Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in the Cervical Spinal Cord

The evolution of sophisticated surgical repair procedures for the treatment of isolated, focal traumatic or degenerative cartialge lesions has created the need for accurate, non-invasive assessment of the repair tissue. MRI depicts well subchondral bone and bone marrow, allowing examination of repair tissue and its interface with parent cartilage and complications of repair surgeries such as graft hypertrophy and delamination. [...]

MAGNETOM Aera – Combining Throughput and Highest Quality Spine Imaging in an Optimized Clinical Workflow

The term WARP summarizes methods to minimize the impact of metal implants on MR image quality. This article introduces different techniques such as high bandwidth, VAT and SEMAC. [...]

Multiple sclerosis (cervical spinal cord)

A 28 year old woman [...]