Cholesterol granuloma

A large expansile lesion is noted in the right petrous apex, hyperintense on both T1- and T2-weighted scans, without diffusion restriction or internal contrast enhancement. The imaging findings are characteristic, with one exception – that a peripheral hemosiderin rim is not present. The lesion was resected through a transnasal, transclival route. Part of the on-line […] [...]

Cholesterol granuloma, orbit

More common sites for a cholesterol granuloma include the petrous apex, middle ear and mastoid antrum. The lesion, when in the orbit, presents as an extraconal mass, in the superior-temporal quadrant. Differential diagnosis includes the lacrimal gland tumors. Although post-contrast T1-weighted scans are presented, the lesion was hyperintense pre-contrast (and specifically demonstrated only peripheral enhancement). […] [...]

Juvenile angiofibroma, in a 16-year-old male

A large, intensely enhancing, mass lesion is seen within the left nasal cavity posteriorly which extends to fill the sphenoid sinus. There is bone destruction and remodeling on CT. The blood supply was predominantly from the external carotid artery, specifically from branches of the internal maxillary artery and ascending pharyngeal artery. On DSA there is […] [...]