Val M. Runge, MD leads 50th anniversary issue of Investigative Radiology

ZURICH, April 6, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Val M. Runge, MD, editor-in-chief of Investigative Radiology, one of the world’s leading scientific journals in the field of imaging, previews the upcoming anniversary issue of the journal. Scheduled to be published in September 2015, the issue includes 11 landmark articles, with the first already available on line (published ahead-of-print). (full […] [...]

Val Runge lawsuit

Due to budgetary constraints and low overall faculty RVUs, the Chairman of Radiology at UTMB, Val M. Runge, reduced the number of faculty in 2012 by two, indicating also that further reductions were likely. This decision was made on the basis of financial considerations, faculty productivity, and faculty performance only, and was assessed, reviewed, and approved by the […] [...]

MAGNETOM Aera – Combining Throughput and Highest Quality Spine Imaging in an Optimized Clinical Workflow

The term WARP summarizes methods to minimize the impact of metal implants on MR image quality. This article introduces different techniques such as high bandwidth, VAT and SEMAC. [...]

Essentials of Clinical MR, 2nd editiondev

Essentials of Clinical MR, 2nd edition 1 Cover 2 Title, Editors 3 Table of Contents 4 Foreword 5 Preface 6 Abbreviations 10 Chapters appended monthly Section I – Brain Chapter 1 1. Supratentorial Brain Neoplasms Chapter 2 2. Infratentorial Brain Neoplasms Chapter 3 3. Metastatic Brain Disease Chapter 4 4. Meningiomas Chapter 5 5. Internal Auditory Canal Neoplasms Chapter 6 6. […] [...]