Chiari II Malformation

Clinical History:
This is an 11-year-old male being followed for loss of cognitive abilities and facial paralysis.

Chiari II Malformation.

MR Technique:
1.5 T Scanner (Siemens Espree) using a head coil (images 1-2) and a neck coil (image 3). Image 1: sagittal T1 scan (TR/TE 550/8.8 ms, scan time 2 min 25 sec, slice thickness 5 mm); Image 2: coronal T2 scan (TR/TE 4330/91 ms, scan time 2 min 16 sec, slice thickness 3 mm); Image 3: sagittal T2 scan (TR/TE 4400/90 ms, scan time 2 min 17 sec, slice thickness 3 mm).

Imaging Findings:
Findings of Chiari II malformation are present along with callosal dysgenesis (Image 1), interdigitating gyri (Image 2), tectal beaking, and compression of the dorsal brainstem by the downward sagging cerebellum. The cerebellar tonsils are herniating into the posterior cervical spinal canal (Image 3); however the cord is normal with no syrinx