Hepatic Hemangioma

Clinical History: 
A 55 year old woman with an incidental finding on an MRI of the thoracic spine.

Hepatic Hemangioma.

MR Technique: 
3.0 Tesla scanner (Siemens Verio) using a body matrix coil coupled with an eight-channel spine coil. Image 1: Axial T2_TSE_MBH_320 (TR/TE 6080/104 ms, scan time 18.52 sec * 3, slice thickness 5 mm); Image 2: Axial T1_VIBE Post-Contrast (TR/TE 4.2/1.6 ms, scan time 23.62 sec, slice thickness 4 mm).

Imaging Findings:
Images demonstrate a large, well-defined, T2 hyperintense mass in the left hepatic lobe, almost completely replacing this lobe. The mass is hypointense on T1, and demonstrates peripheral, nodular, discontinuous enhancement in the arterial post contrast images. On venous and delayed images, progressive, centripetal enhancement is observed (not shown).