Clinical History: 
This 62-year-old woman presented with a six month history of nausea and vomiting. Recently, the woman complains of dysosmia, experiencing the smell of ammonia. These dysosmiac episodes last for several minutes but have recently increased in frequency.

Meningioma (meningothelial type).

MR Technique: 
Scans were acquired at 1.5T on a Siemens MR unit. (A) Axial pre-contrast spin echo T1-weighted (TR/TE 400/10 ms, scantime 2:30 min:sec) and (B) turbo spin echo T2-weighted (TR/TE 5240/111 ms, scantime 2:22 min:sec) scans are displayed, in addition to (C) axial and (D) coronal post-contrast T1-weighted images. The slice thickness was 5 mm in each instance.

Imaging Findings:
There is a homogeneously enhancing extraaxial mass just lateral to the frontal and temporal lobes along the right convexity. This measures 5.1 cm in transverse dimension and 4.5 cm in craniocaudal dimension. There is associated mild vasogenic edema, exerting mass effect on the right lateral ventricle with resultant shift of midline structures to the left. Mild associated erosion of the right temporal bone is present.