syngo TWIST for Dynamic Time-Resolved MR Angiography

TWIST (Time-resolved Angiography With Interleaved Stochastic Trajectories)

3D dynamic imaging has been available since the late 90s. The speed of dynamic imaging was subsequently improved due to advances in gradient design, for example current 40 mT/m gradients. Since then, dynamic imaging has gone through several changes and improvements, including the implementation of parallel imaging, and more recently, the new k-space coverage now available with TWIST (a 4D MRA application). TWIST achieves significant improvements in temporal and spatial resolution and faster tracking of dynamic processes relative to the other versions of dynamic imaging introduced earlier. TWIST offers a practical, flexible, and elegant way to perform sub-second, time-sequential 3D measurements, both at 1.5 T and 3 T. This can be used in combination with contrast injection to provide dynamic clinical information, including the evaluation of abnormal vascular anatomy as well as vascular hemodynamics, and perfusion measurements.

Clinical applications include:

  • Better depiction of vascular disease processes including specifically arteriovenous malformations (AVM) and shunts by providing dynamic information.
  • Better assessment of vascular diseases, for example peripheral obstructive artery disease (POAD) or steal phenomenon by visualizing hemodynamics.
  • Smaller amounts of contrast agent are required.
  • Complete elimination of venous contamination even in abnormal hemodynamic states.

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