Left thigh myxofibrosarcoma

  Clinical history: 52-year old man with left thigh mass   Diagnosis: Myxofibrosarcoma   Imaging techniques: Imaging of the left thigh was performed on a 3T MR system (Skyra, Siemens) and 64-MDCT (GE). (A) Coronal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38), (B) sagittal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38ms), (C) axial T1-weighted TSE (TR/TE 700/11ms), and (D) T2-weighted TSE […] [...]

Large FOV Imaging at 3T with a 32-Channel Body Array Coil

This article shows the benefits of a 32-channel body coil for large field-of-view imaging in the abdomen and pelvis, including MR Angiography. The evolution of parallel imaging techniques has been very rapid, with realization of their full potential requiring development and utilization of MR systems with up to 32 receiver channels. [...]