RESOLVE, Multishot Echoplanar Diffusion Weighted Imaging

Scans were acquired at 1.5 T with a typical diffusion weighted echoplanar (EPI) scan sequence (A), and also with a RESOLVE work-in-progress (WIP) scan sequence (B). RESOLVE is a multi-shot technique that uses 2D navigator correction with readout-segmented EPI (ISMRM 2004, p442). Axial scans of the brain in a normal volunteer, at the level of the petrous apices, are presented. The conventional single shot sequence was acquired (with complete coverage of the brain) in 0:54 min:sec. The RESOLVE (multishot) scan was acquired in 3:02 min:sec. A parallel imaging factor of 2 was used for the single shot acquisition, with no parallel imaging employed with the multishot acquisition. Partial Fourier was employed in (A), resulting in a shorter scan time but also some image blurring when compared to (B). [...]