Parenchymal hemorrhage, late subacute

A 68 year-old woman several weeks following a stroke. [...]

Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA) using Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging (syngo SWI)

Susceptibility weighted imaging well demonstrates microhemorrhages within the brain. In CAA, these involve the cortex and subcortical white matter within the frontal and parietal lobes. This is in distinction to hypertensive microangiopathy, where microhemorrhages occur in deep white matter as well as infratentorially. [...]


This 35-year-old woman presented to neurology clinic with a one week history of increasing confusion and new-onset seizures. Following MRI illustrated here, the patient underwent surgical treatment for the lesion illustrated herein. [...]

Cerebral amyloid angiography using SWI

Compared to conventional T2*-weighted imaging, a susceptibility-weighted imaging technique is very sensitive in the detection of small bleedings and vascular malformations. This case report shows that SWI is a sensitive tool for the precise assessment of CAA. His findings show that by using SWI, multiple small cortical and subcortical bleedings can be depicted in detail and can show the extent of the severity of CAA better than with conventional T2*-weighted MRI only. [...]