syngo.MR Neuro 3D: Your All-In-One Post Processing, Visualization and Reporting Engine for BOLD Functional and Diffusion Tensor MR Imaging Datasets

Within this article, we have described our preferred workflow and steps for the processing and analysis of BOLD fMRI and DTI data. [...]

Further Customization of Dot Engines: AutoCoverage

This article details the steps to adjust and manipulate the coverage in the slice direction by using AutoCoverage available in many Dot AddIns. AutoCoverage is a powerful option, and will ensure that the complete anatomy will be covered in the underlying protocol. [...]

Biograph mMR System and Clincal Use Today

This article describes the latest technical and clinical developments for the Biograph mMR. Seminal publications in the field of neurology, cardiology, and oncology are discussed. [...]