Clinical Benefits of Multiple Post-Labeling Delay Pseudo-Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling (Multi-PLD PCASL) in Pediatric Patients with Moyamoya Disease

Moyamoya disease requires follow-up for a long period of time, and ASL is very well suited for the evaluation of this disease. The multi-PLD PCASL is significant as a screening tool because it provides information on whole-brain perfusion distribution in a 3D rCBF map as well as information on pseudo hemodynamics. [...]

Advanced Neuroimaging and Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery

Advanced multi-modal MRI has the potential to simplify the patient’s presurgical workup, obviate the need for intracranial EEG monitoring and electrical stimulation, improve postoperative seizure outcome, and avoid or minimize postoperative neurological deficits. [...]

Robust, Efficient, and Comprehensive Pediatric Imaging with BioMatrix Technology and High-End Applications

In the world of social media, the relationship between pediatrics and MRI would be: “It’s complicated.” Most important regardless is that MRI is a completely radiation-free technique, making it an excellent tool of first choice… [...]

syngo Virtual Cockpit – Your Software for Remote Scanning Assistance and More Flexible Workforce Management

New working methods are required that will enable hospitals to deal with the increasing workload and quality expectations despite having a smaller workforce at their disposal. [...]