CAIPIRINHA – Revisited

The development ofmulti coil receiver hardware as well as dedicated parallel acquisition techniques (PAT) and respective reconstruction methods allowed for a significant decrease of acquisition times in almost all clinical applications. This article provides a brief overview of 2D- and MS-CAIPIRINHA. [...]

Accelerated Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Skeletal Muscle Using Simultaneous Multi-Slice Acquisition

Simultaneous multi-slice acquisition with CAIPIRINHA reduces the scan time in diffusion-weighted MRI. In this article, early experience with this technique for accelerated DTI of skeletal muscle is shown. [...]

Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS) Imaging for Pre-Surgical BOLD fMRI and Diffusion Tractography: Case Illustrations

The presented case studies illustrate that SMS can increase the statistical confidence of fMRI and diffusion tractography results. These gains may be used to increase spatial image resolution and coverage, to improve spatial coregistration to high-resolution anatomical scans for intra-operative neuro-navigation, and / or to shorten acquisition times. [...]

Quiescent Interval Single-Shot (QISS) Lower Extremity MRA for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Artery Disease: Case Presentations

Case presentation of non-contrast QISS MRA providing high diagnostic accuracy for the detection of hemodynamically significant arterial stenosis of the lower extremities at both 1.5 and 3T. [...]

Point-of-Care MR Imaging and How We can Learn from Other Imaging Modalities. Thoughts on a Potential New Strategy

The article introduces point-of-care MRI, an extremely focused and goal-directed examinations strategy, that could reduce examination time and patient comfort. [...]

Simultaneous Multi-Slice (Slice Accelerated) Diffusion EPI: Early Experience for Brain Ischemia and Cervical Lymphadenopathy

In single shot EPI, the entirety of k-space is traversed after one shot (excitation). Readout-segmentation acquires k-space in multiple shots for reduced TE and encoding time. Real-time reacquisition of unusable shots is also supported. [...]

Clinical Case: 3 Tesla MR Neurography-Guided Posterior Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Block

The high SNR available at 3T provides the ability to perform high-resolution MR neurography-guided perineural injections for highly accurate visualization of small nerve as well as needle targeting and perineural injection. This case report demonstrates how this techniques facilitates accurate targeting of the PFCN.  Download/View PDF [...]