Cine-magnetic resonance imaging for assessment of larynx motion in early glottic cancer radiotherapy

Radiation therapy is an essential component of early glottic cancer treatment. This article presents the use of cine MRI to capture the swallowing and breathing motion of the larynx. Cine-MRI can also be used to determine personalized internal target volume margin based on individual motion. [...]

MyoMap quantification of myocardial toxicity following concurrent chemoradiotherapy for esophageal carcinoma

The use of cardiac MRI mapping can provide novel information regarding acute to sub-acute myocardial changes following radiation therapy. [...]

Spectroscopic MRI for dose-escalated radiation therapy

This article introduces a web-based software designed specifically to integrate spectroscopic MRI with clinical imaging, enabling physicians to evaluate metabolic activity, review underlying spectra on a voxel-basis, and delineate target volumes for RT planning. By making whole-brain spectroscopic MRI more accessible for clinical decision-making and treatment decisions through an easy-to-use, collaborative web application, we can improve patient outcomes and drive the future of state-of-the-art glioblastoma care. [...]

Optimizing Fiducial Markers for MRI-based Radiotherapy

Fiducial markers need to fulfill many, sometimes competing, criteria when used for MRI based radiotherapy treatment planning. This article covers the development and optimization of markers. [...]

Performing Gynecologic Brachytherapy in the Medical Innovation Technical Expert Center

Houda Bahig et al. describe their intensity modulated radiotherapy planning workflow with MRI for locally advanced head-and-neck cancer (HNC) and discuss the current role of MRI in HNC treatment planning. [...]