Contrast Enhanced MRA of the Renal Arteries, with Renal Artery Stenosis

This 64-year-old man presented with an increased serum creatinine level (2.77 mg/dL) and significant asymmetry of renal size (reduced on the right) on ultrasound. The past medical history was pertinent for prior stenting of the right renal artery. [...]

MRA – False Aneurysm of the Renal Artery

This 71-year-old man presented to the emergency room with a fever up to 39°C and a general decline in his state of health. Two weeks previously, he underwent a partial resection of the right kidney due to suspected renal cell carcinoma, that turned out to be an hemorrhagic cyst. [...]

syngo NATIVE TrueFISP in the Assessment of the Transplanted Kidney

When imaging patients with impaired renal function that have recently undergone transplant surgery, one approach is to use a completely non- invasive method, without the use of a gadolinium chelate, and thus without the potential risk of NSF. In this article the effectiveness of TrueFISP with selective inversion recovery preparation, now known as syngo NATIVE TrueFISP, is shown. This technique from a diagnostic point of view appears equivalent to low dose contrast-enhanced angiography, providing a low-risk method for the initial evaluation of the transplanted kidney. [...]