Pelvic schwannoma

  Clinical History: 49-year old woman with an asymptomatic pelvic mass for 10 years (an incidental finding on routine physical examination)   Diagnosis: Pelvic schwannoma   MR Technique: Pelvic MR imaging was performed on a 3T system (Skyra, Siemens). (A) Coronal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 4000/78ms), (B) sagittal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 4000/70), (C) axial T1-weighted TSE […] [...]

Right renal angiomyolipoma

Clinical History: 59-year old woman with right lower back pain for more than one year   Diagnosis: Right renal angiomyolipoma   MR Technique: Upper abdominal imaging was performed on a 3T MR system. (A, B) Axial T1-weighted VIBE in- and out-of-phase (TR/TE 3.88/1.27ms), and (C) axial FS T2-weighted TSE (TR/TE 5814/78ms, with respiratory triggering) scans […] [...]

Left thigh schwannoma

  Clinical History: 31-year old woman with left foot numbness and pain for 6 months   Diagnosis: Left thigh schwannoma   MR Technique: Imaging of the left lower extremity was performed on a 3T MR system. (A) Coronal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38ms), (B) sagittal T2-weighted TIRM (TR/TE 3000/38), (C) axial T1-weighted TSE (TR/TE 500/11) and […] [...]

Prostatic sarcoma

        Clinical History: 25-year old man with dysuria for 3 weeks   Diagnosis: Prostatic sarcoma   MR Technique: Prostatic imaging was performed on a 3T MR system. (A) Sagittal T2-weighted TSE (TR/TE 7500/104ms), (B) coronal T2-weighted TSE (TR/TE 7354/104ms), and (C) axial T2-weighted TSE (TR/TE 7440/101) were acquired prior to the administration […] [...]

Thoracic spine schwannoma

  Clinical History: 28-year old woman with chest and upper back pain for 3 months Diagnosis: Thoracic spine schwannoma  MR Technique: Imaging of the thoracic spine was performed on a 3T MR system. (A) Sagittal T1-weighted TSE (TR/TE 650/8.1ms), (B) sagittal T2-weighted TSE (TR/TE 2000/97), (C) sagittal T2-weighted TSE images with Dixon fat suppression (TR/TE2500/101), […] [...]