Fat Suppression in the Abdomen

Due to the different chemical environment, hydrogen nuclei in water- and in fat-tissue have different values for some MRI-relevant parameters, mainly being the relaxation time and the resonance frequency (chemical shift). These differences can be used to selectively suppress/reduce the signal of fat bound protons.Thus relaxation-dependant and chemical shift-dependant methods can be used for fat suppression. [...]

Spectral Adiabatic Inversion Recovery (SPAIR) MR imaging of the Abdomen

SPAIR (Spectral Adiabatic Inversion Recovery) is a powerful technique for fat suppression which offers advantages over conventional fat suppression techniques. The technique is insensitive to B1 inhomogenities and only fat spins are suppressed/inverted. [...]

Revisiting Liver Imaging with VIBE

Volume Interpolated Breath-hold Examination (VIBE) offers three-dimensional multiphase image acquisition before and following contrast administration on a breath-hold time scale. The dynamic behavior of liver lesions and structures during the precontrast, arterial, portal venous, early equilibrium and 5-minute delayed equilibrium phases of enhancement allows more accurate characterization than static pre- and postcontrast analysis. [...]