FLAIR Fusion in Multiple Sclerosis Follow-up: An Indispensable Tool in Clinical Routine

MS follow-up leads to millions of brain MRI scans around the world. Depending on the number and size of inflammatory lesions, comparing successive exams to assess dissemination in time can be a challenging and lengthy process. Stéphane Cantin et al. (Grenoble, France) describes FLAIR image fusion with syngo.via, an easy to implement and cost-effective technique that allows faster and improved patient care compared to conventional frame-by-frame 3D FLAIR comparison. [...]

To Add Myelin Detection to Your Neuro Protocol Without Additional Scan Time

The article describes the experiences with REMyDI (Rapid Estimation of Myelin for Diagnostic Imaging), a method of myelin detection in the brain, using a scan time of approximately 6 minutes. [...]