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Clinical History: 
A 30 year-old woman with HIV


MR Technique: 
Axial 4 mm, 2D pre-contrast TSE FLAIR and post-contrast gradient echo (FLASH) T1-weighted images are presented, acquired at 3 T on a Siemens Verio MR system. Sequence parameters were TR/TI/TE = 9000/2500/120 and 250/2.5, with scan times of 2:24 and 2:08, respectively.

Imaging Findings:
There are multiple, rim-enhancing lesions within the brain parenchyma, the largest of which is centered in the region of the left caudate head. The rim of enhancement is thin in all instances, and somewhat faint. There is substantial vasogenic edema associated with each lesion, with mild mass effect upon the more anterior portion of the left lateral ventricle. There is mild cerebral atrophy.

In CNS infection by Toxoplasmosis, multiple ring-enhancing lesions are typically present, of varying size, with accompanying vasogenic edema. Nodular lesion enhancement may also be seen. In the background of HIV, cerebral atrophy is typically present. Lesions most commonly are located in the cerebral hemispheres and deep gray nuclei. The degree of enhancement of the lesions may be poor, reflecting the immune status of the patient.