Vestibular Schwannoma

Clinical History:
68 year old man with bilateral hearing loss.

Vestibular Schwannoma

MR Technique:
3T (Siemens Verio) using head coil: Image 1: Axial T1 (TR/TE 250/2.5 ms, slice thickness 4 mm, scan time 2 min 8 sec); Image 2: Axial T2 BLADE (TI 2500 ms, TR/TE 9000/133 ms, slice thickness 4 mm, scan time 1 min 57 sec); Image 3: Coronal T1 after injection of 0.1 mmol/kg of gadolinium chelate (TR/TE 400/2.5 ms, slice thickness 3 mm, scan time 5 min 12 sec).

Imaging Findings:
A 1 cm predominantly intracanalicular vestibular schwannoma is present on the right side. A small portion extends into the cerebellopontine angle. The contralateral internal auditory canal and cerebellopontine angle are intact.